• Czar1212

    In th7 you unlock almost all elixir troops and 2 dark elixir troops . So the main question is which combination to be used while attacking.

    There are basically two types of attacks :

    1.) Attack for LOOT

    2.) Clanwar Attacks/Trophy pushing

    '1.)For loot : 'Since u will be attacking for loot the troops should be cheap and they should be quick to produce.

    The best combination for 180 troop capacity is given below : 
    1. 8   LV4 Wall Breakers
    2. 72 LV4 Archers
    3. 92 LV4 Barbarians
    4. LV3 Heal spells (I recommend that atleast 1 heal spell should be there.Just in case :P)
    5. Barbarian King 
    ​The total cost is  38880 elixir.

    2.)For ClanWar : 

    • For people who have some experience in war :
    1. ​Giants and Healers :
    ​2 Healers
    25 Giants
    15 Archers
    6 Wall Breakers
    2  Rage spells
    1 Healing sp…

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