In th7 you unlock almost all elixir troops and 2 dark elixir troops . So the main question is which combination to be used while attacking.

There are basically two types of attacks :

1.) Attack for LOOT

2.) Clanwar Attacks/Trophy pushing

'1.)For loot : 'Since u will be attacking for loot the troops should be cheap and they should be quick to produce.

The best combination for 180 troop capacity is given below : 
  1. 8   LV4 Wall Breakers
  2. 72 LV4 Archers
  3. 92 LV4 Barbarians
  4. LV3 Heal spells (I recommend that atleast 1 heal spell should be there.Just in case :P)
  5. Barbarian King 
​The total cost is  38880 elixir.

2.)For ClanWar : 

  • For people who have some experience in war :
  1. ​Giants and Healers :
​2 Healers
25 Giants
15 Archers
6 Wall Breakers
2  Rage spells
1 Healing spell
Barb King
  First deploy the giants and once they start to soak up damage then deploy wall breakers to clear their path. Destroy the air defence first so you can deploy your healers .Use the healing spell if the giants are facing a lot of splash damage or you will lose all your giants. Use the rage near teslas or air defence as they can kill your healers very easily. Deploy the archers and barb king when almost 50% of the defences are down to clear other buildings . 
P.S. : Dont forget to lure out cc troops .
  2.​ Balloonian :
22  Balloons 
25  Minions(U will need quite a few minions if u want to 3 star a base. balloons are slow)
20  Archers (to lure out CC troops )
3 Heal Spells \
Barb King
Use the archers to lure cc troops and kill then using archers and your cc troops .Once the cc troops are down deploy your balloons. Dont deploy them in a bunch . Spread them a little. Use your heal spell on balloons when the recieve damage from wizard tower. It is the only significant threat to your balloons as it can take out all your ballons . When your balloons clear the path to the enemy's th deploy your minions and barb king from the same sidde where you deployed your balloons . The minions will clear out everything .
  • For beginners :
9 dragons in your army camp 
1 dragon in your cc
3 lightining spells
Use your lightining spells to destroy one of the air defence preferably the one which is more centrally located. Deploy all your dragons including the one in your cc from the same side at the same time but spread them a little. Now watch as your dragons destroy the enemy's base.

P.S. : I cannot gurantee 3 stars if you have lv 1 dragons and you attack on a max th 7 base.

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