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  • I live in Dimension 4.99 Cloud 9
  • My occupation is Director of the Dimension Panorealm Documentation Program
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    John the Red Barbarian

    January 24, 2014 by DanChan123

    Seriously Random: Once upon a time in the land where Clans fight for their domination, and where magical creatures exist, there lived a level 5 Barbarian named John. John was different than all the other Barbarians. He had a red hair was short, and no facial hair, and wore a helmet with a broken horn. One day his village organized a raid mission. 

    "24 Barbarians, 20 Archers, 15 Goblins, and what the...?" the leader of the village stared at the short, mustache-less, man," Who are you?"

    "Jo...John the Ba... Barbarian, sir," John muttered.

    "Never seen a Barbarian like you 'un"

    Everyone in the Camp stared. John gulped.

    "ALRIGHT EVERYONE, ITS TIME TO RAID!" yelled the leader.

    Clouds covered the village, and a huge light swept the troops out of their v…

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  • DanChan123

    NEW! Newbie advice/answers page. I'm Aaron and I give awesome newbie advice/answers and how to get an OK headstart over other newbs.

    I'll Answer Your Question's Right HERE.

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  • DanChan123

    'If there is a a COC 2, then we want these ideas to be in it: '(write your ideas for more stuff or changes in the comments if you like and maybe we will put them on this list)

    (Make up Troops, Buildings, Campaigns, and etc; WE NEED MORE IDEAS!!!!!)

    (Note: NOT all of these ideas need to be included in the game, so don't FREAK yourself out, thinking this is just some new fake game)

    (Scroll Down To Check Out Polls, and answer our Questions and other stuff)

    (Please DO NOT copy our ideas on your own forum saying it is your work; 1 person has literally copy pasted one of our ideas and proudly said it was his amazing idea. I won't say names) 

    1. Siege Troops and Factory: This Siege Factory creates Siege Troops, war machines used to lay siege to villag…

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  • DanChan123


    January 5, 2014 by DanChan123


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