Seriously Random: Once upon a time in the land where Clans fight for their domination, and where magical creatures exist, there lived a level 5 Barbarian named John. John was different than all the other Barbarians. He had a red hair was short, and no facial hair, and wore a helmet with a broken horn. One day his village organized a raid mission. 

"24 Barbarians, 20 Archers, 15 Goblins, and what the...?" the leader of the village stared at the short, mustache-less, man," Who are you?"

"Jo...John the Ba... Barbarian, sir," John muttered.

"Never seen a Barbarian like you 'un"

Everyone in the Camp stared. John gulped.

"ALRIGHT EVERYONE, ITS TIME TO RAID!" yelled the leader.

Clouds covered the village, and a huge light swept the troops out of their village. 

Boom! John opened his eyes. Purple Crystal Walls he saw, and a Cannon, and another, another, and soon the Town Hall was in view. Unfamiliar teritory, stay sharp. John thought. The Troops started to disappear. Then 'Bang!'. John saw them, Clan Castle nearby. It was tiled in red and blue.

"ATTACK!" a voice yelled. Then the Castle opened. Archer, Archer... five Archers.

Soon Cannons shells whizzed by. Explosions. Tombstones dotted the ground. An arrow hit John's side. Archer.

With a screaming war cry, John rushed at the Archers. His sword sliced and arrow shaft in half. His sword twisted in a fury, a berserk rage. The ground turned purple. Rage Spell.

John impaled 2 Archers. Using the horns on his helmet, he headbutted one. 5 tombstones appeared in front of his fury. The light died down, but it wasn't over yet. John saw his brothers finish of the Clan Castle. He charged at the walls, he dodged a mortar shell, rolled under a cannonball, and leaped like a raging bull cow into the wall. Arrows of his sisters flew overhead, destroying an elixir storage. John broke the wall, leaped through the gap and charged at the next. A Hog Rider jumped overhead, and the mighty dragon spit into a Wizard Tower until it was nothing but ash and rubble. Two skeletons carrying barrels ran up to the last wall. 

"Bang! Pow!" the barrels exploded. Farawell Friends. John muttered at heart. John leaped through the gap. Then a 'click' and a 'twang', and John saw the blue sky, then white clouds, green trees, then red branches, then darkness.

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