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'If there is a a COC 2, then we want these ideas to be in it: '(write your ideas for more stuff or changes in the comments if you like and maybe we will put them on this list)

(Make up Troops, Buildings, Campaigns, and etc; WE NEED MORE IDEAS!!!!!)

(Note: NOT all of these ideas need to be included in the game, so don't FREAK yourself out, thinking this is just some new fake game)

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(Please DO NOT copy our ideas on your own forum saying it is your work; 1 person has literally copy pasted one of our ideas and proudly said it was his amazing idea. I won't say names) 

1. Siege Troops and Factory: This Siege Factory creates Siege Troops, war machines used to lay siege to villages.

Battering Rams- Double effective on walls and does high damage to buildings also.
Torch Catapults- Shoots balls of fire, letting things catch fire, slowly weakening them little by little. It does double damage to buildings.
Moving Cannon- Blasts cannonballs.
Grappler- Shoots grappling ropes onto walls, allowing small troops (Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Wizards) to climb over, but very slowly.
Trojan Horse-like Thingy- which carries 5 spaces of troops providing high defense for anyone inside and tap it to deploy the troops inside.

2. Spirit Orbs and Altar: Another powerful resource which allows you to summon spirits, powerful supernatural beings that have supernatural powers as well as stronger new spells. The Spirit Well is its storage and a Spirit altar produces spirits and these spells. 

3. Spirit Troops: Spirits are highly powerful beings.. There are legendary spirits and regular spirits. You can only summon one Legendary spirit. Spirits take up alot of camp space so you don't abuse their use.

Regular Spirits:
Reaper- same speed as barbarian, and what ever it reaps becomes a "zombie" against the attacker more a while before it falls dead again.
Yeti- freezes ground troops and defenses it attacks (ranged troops won't be affected) while knocking them around like a P.E.K.K.A.

Demon- A demon not only can cause high damage by blasting foes with magic, but can create illusions of itself once it starts attacking, confusing enemy troops and defenses. It can also walk through walls.

Fire Spirits- Swarms around to buildings randomly and shoots 3 fireballs quickly, then swarms off to another buldings and does the samething, over and over.

Wind Spirits- Speed up air troops and blows away projectiles close to it.

Earth Spirits- Creates tremors like the Tremor Spell (#19)
Legendary Spirits:
Thor- flying being. Magic hammer of lightning destroys anything in a square area of 36 spaces but takes long to recharge.
Anubis- arises all dead troops near him, though when they die a second time they cannot be revived.
Mother Nature- (my friends idea) revives all trees into Tree Monsters, that have the same stats as a lvl 3 giant (At least your sorta helping by getting rid of the obstacles for the defender).
Hydra- 3-headed monster, one head spits fire, which burns, one spits ice, which freezes, and the last head spits lightning, which doesn't inflict special damage conditions but is more powerful than the other three. Weaker to fire like Inferno Tower. 
Pandora- (Based of the the Greek myth) Appears as a ghostly little girl with a colorful box. When the box opens, flying minion-like colorful demons jump out, a maximum of 30, which then attack. You can stop the little girl (Pandora) from opening her box all the way by killing her. (sad, I know) 

4. Clan Air Force: Built by Air Barracks.

Zeppelin-can carry 5 spaces of troops +5 for another lvl up. Loaded with cannons with same stats as a level one cannon. +1 cannon per lvl up. It explodes when shot down, shooting large chunks of it which deal large amounts of damage when landing. Troops parachute down.
Blimps-Transports raiding parties on to the ground once a wall section is open. Bigger space for troops but is not armed with weapons. Troops parachute down. Faster than Zeppelins.
Glider- faster than Balloons and drop rows of tiny bombs.
Balloons are moved to Air Force.

5. Port: Like a clan castle for air troops.

6. Clan Location: When you join a clan your village is put into a clan map. This will be called your clan domain. There will be NPC villages you can raid outside your domain like the campaign map with goblins, savages, trolls, etc.

7. Clan Capital: A large capital controlled by clan leader and with clan members/elders contributing troops and resources to it. Leader can name the city. Extra trophies for raiding it successfully.

8. Clan Wars: Like the the clan location map, when war is declared in a vote by elders and leaders, they get access to a clan map. They can build forts outside the opponent clan's domain zone, in which either the opponent wins the war by destroying all your forts or you quit. You win by destroying half of your entire village group or by getting 100% in a raid against your capital. Donate troops to other forts, too. One fort can be built per person in the clan. Forts are a small domain where you can put defense in and raise an army like a barrack and gain requested troops like clan castles. Unlike villages, all fort walls are upgraded entirely at the same time. You have to spend gold to repair forts. Like real wars you must spend alot of resources. However you can gain tons of trophies if you win. For winner clan, Surrender Victory (surrender) means 100 trophies per fort/village not completely destroyed but won and 200 per fort/village completely destroyed plus 5000 trophies overall. Campaign Victory (50% and/or capital) means 200 trophies per fort/village not completely destroyed but won and 300 per fort/village completely destroyed plus 7500 trophies overall.

9. Prison: Imprisons and turns captured troops, troops still alive during a lost attack into prisoners. Sending a prisoner to a building being built or a resource creator reduces its time by a little bit. Destroying a prison will free all prisoners inside and gives you elixir per freed prisoner.

10. Hospital: Heals troops that survived a battle, though slowly. However it recycles troops so you don't waste too much elixir.

11. Wall Towers: You can build a tower on a wall section of 3 of the same types of walls. Not only does this tower have the health of all 3 of those walls, you can place a one ranged guard troop (see Guard Stationing and Guards) on them.

12. More Resource Types: Add wood and stone needed for buildings. Made from wood mill and quarries. Croplands/Ranches: Creates food sold in market, used to create troops (stop using elixir for troops; you don't create troops out of purple juice) and a little bit for the builders when they build things. Like farming games, in a cropland you can pick things to plant or raise, such as wheat, corn, carrots, tomatoes, watermelons, etc. or chickens, pigs, cows, goats, etc. Each takes a specific time to grow/raise but also a certain amount of food. 

13. Market: Here is where you can exchange resources, as well as the new ones I made up, for other resources needed, to clanmates, or sell them to other people clan or no-clan, for elixir or gold (clans at war will not have access to what you sell). 

14. More Clan Member Ranks: Leader-1, Co-Leader-2 (can demote ppl now), Elder-10, Official (all; can invite ppl now, but not promote), Member(all)

15. Donation/Dethroning Problems: This idea is used to fight hoppers (ppl who join, gain wanted requests, and leave) and tyrannical leaders (simply dethrones the previous leader). In order to leave a clan you must either pass a season or donate troops equall or more than you gained; for tyrannical leaders, previous leaders become undemotable co-leaders, and cannot be kicked out unless he wants to leave.

16. More Barrack Troop Types: 

Medic- Can only heal a few barrack ground troops at at a time.
Engineer- Like a medic, but only heals siege troops.
Slinger- A big muscular man with a sling. A slinger can throw multiple rocks using his sling, damaging multiple objects. Also it can swing the sling like a mace, causing more damaging direct, melee damage.
Minesweeper- Shuts off any found bombs/traps, and is pretty durable.
Mystic- Heals spirits and is immune to spells and resistant to wizard attacks.
Burrower- Like a hog rider, can pass through walls but is also immune to defense fire, but it recieves doubled damage from bombs. It does little damage using a shovel as a weapon, but digs burrows so that other troops can slowly follow through.
Knight- Horseback high armored troop, but becomes slower and weaker once horse is killed.
Gladiator- Extremely great at beating up clan troops (double-damage) and a good choice for Dueling (See Create Your Own Avatar/Dueling).
Assassin- Specially trained special units of special troops, these special beings are very special, especially due to there special strength, speed, and endurance. Wielding 2 special swords, this guy is faster than a speeding cannonball, and uses smoke bombs to haze its enemies, and picking of its enemies one by one at incredible speeds. However it has low health and doesn't do specially well with hacking buildings.
Hobgoblin (Dark Elixir)- Like a larger goblin, but it targets and inflicts double damage on Spirit Wells (#2) and Dark Elixir holders. (Two Spaces)
Centaur (Dark Elixir)- The Centaur is not only really quick, but it can shoot enchanted arrows, that do more damage and fly farther than those of an archer, and it can jump over walls.
Shielder (Dark Elixir)- The Shielder is a skeleton which cannot attack, but carries a magical shield which attracts all nearby projectiles from defenses. The Shielder is also very durable and takes hits pretty well. It acts as a projectile magnet.
Gargoyle (Dark Elixir)- When directly attacked, it turns into stone, becoming VERY durable. It shoots small green light orbs. It won't turn to stone against splash damage.
Minotaur (Dark Elixir)- Always in a deep rage, Minotaurs will charge and knock troops out of its way, and attacks anything that harms it with incredible power. However it gets confused when multiple projectiles attack it at a safe distance.
Unnamed (Dark Elixir): Swallows troops, and single projectiles and spit them back at enemies. 

17. Wizard School (not Hogwarts): Apply wizards with special new learned spells, such as rage spell and healing spell.

18. Guard Stationing and Guards: Guards can be placed to protect a certain area. All regular elixir troops excluding wall breakers produced can become guards. When the enemy enter an area guarded, guards wil come and attack. An area can hold a troops space of 5 and covers a square area of 36 spaces.

19. New Spells:

Burn Spell- Makes buildings/troops in an area burn, slowly weakening it each second.
Hypno Spell- Makes clan troops and guards turn against there home village for an amount of time.
Transfer Spell- Transports anything entirely in a 36 square area to somewhere at the edge of the village area permanently (so when players come back they say, "what the heck is that doing there?!!!!!").
Cloud Spell- All troops in the selected area jump on magical clouds and fly up, becoming immune to ground-based defenses for an amount of time.
Tremor Spell- When used,  it creates an earthquake that damages all buildings (includes walls) and stuns ground troops.

20. New Traps:

Pitfall-Traps troops inside that may later become prisoners if you have a prison.
Torch Trap- enemies catch on fire and any enemy troops near them will also catch fire. 

21. Garrison: Will open upgrades, such as troop's armor which boosts health points of certain troops, or arrow speed/longbow, which increases speed of archer's arrows.

22. Villagers/Town: Make male villagers, too, and have a Building Section called a Town. Upgrading the Town makes more villagers. Every resource maker/working building must have one villager to operated, with a maximum of three. Each extra worker applied speeds up progress for resources by 2%.

23. University: Villagers taught here can have their 'speeding up working' abilities increased by 1% per level.

24. Stores: Special stores maybe unlockable in the Market (see Market) at random times. Pay coins or elixir to open one availabe for an amount of time (Ex: 3 days) Each store will produce buyable temporary upgrades, traps, and spells. (Ex: Buy triple rockets ~triples damage of Air Defense~ at Pyrotechnics Store, which lasts a 6 days)

25. Lightning Rod: Absorbs 1 lightning spell before shutting off.

26. Troops Formations: More battle control instead of deploy. Game must make you feel like a general. Put troops into military formations, such as disperse, retreat-regroup, spit into 3 teams, giants cover for archers, etc. Also choose where to attack. (Stop hitting that wall stupid and help me with this one!)

Formations- Allows you to positions troops, and so you can drop an army down at the exact same time.

27. Allied Clans: During a Clan War (see Clan Wars) you can ally yourself with another clan, and settle what to give to it in share through a peace treaty. It also allows you to send troops that clan though only for forts, and you can't attack that clan and it can't attack yours.

28. Multiple Clans in Wars/Trinations: Clan Wars, but can have multiple clans in the war. There can be max 3 alliances of clans.

29. Nature's Obstacles: Instead of just gems, natural obstacles can produce wood and stone (see more resource types). Natural disasters, like Earthquakes, Twisters, Wind Storms, and Thunderstorms, can damage not only you but whoever attacks you. Earthquakes change the shape of the land and can damage buildings, Twisters knock all your buildings to random places on the village area and damaging them, Thunderstorms throw a few lighting bolts, half as strong as lightning spells, at your village area, and Wind Storms damage a teeny bit, but will blow troops attacking or defending, off course. Shields prevent natural disasters.

30. Change Troops Looks and Names: Barbarians should be called Raiders. You can change the settings for the look of your troops, between an original scandinavian-style, an asian-style, a pirate-style, an Aztec warrior- style, etc. Give Raiders (barbs.) more clothes/armor and a give troops some clan color armor (clanless: grey) and a clan flag to wave. 

31. Smithshop/Troops Special Upgrades: Smithshop produces upgrades for troops- Ex~Barbarian Kite Shields (+5% health >barbarians)

32. Colonization: If you are in a clan you can colonize areas near your clan's domain. Before you colonize another area, you must send an expedition to an area. Clans can donate troops for the expedition. Later you can discover the entire lands area size, if any CPU villages (goblin village, savage settlement (barbarians/archers), troll camp, dark wizard towers, dragon lairs, witch house, pirate enclave, or enchanted gravesites) are there. Fully Colonized areas (Level 4 Town Hall in area) are labeled as Colonized. Pre-Colonized, or Level 3 Town Hall or lower, means during a Clan War (see Clan Wars), attackers can capture the city and turn it into a fort using all the resources found plus the clan's donated resources or the attacker's own. You can regain the area if you capture it again.

33. Clan Rankings: (Note~Ranks are by trophies) 0-750~Guild, 751-1250~Nation, 1251-1750~Commonwealth, 1751-2500~Kingdom, 2501-3000~Sovereignty, 3001<~Empire.

34. More Heroes... And Bosses: Heroes include, Warrior King (same as Barbarian King; see Change Troops Looks and Names), Archer Queen, Chief Giant, Elder Wizard, Hog Rider Warlord, Angel, and P.E.K.K.A Master. Bosses include, Goblin King, Duke of Bones (Wall Breakers/Balloons), Troll Overlord, Pirate Lord, Bull-Dragon, Golem Guardian, The Death Witch, Alpha-Minion. Bosses are enemy "Heroes".

35. Better Things for Heroes To Do: Heroes can lead armies of their own race, giving them the spiritual equivalent of a rage spell. 

36. Create Your Own Hero Avatar/ Dueling: Buy upgrades in Hero-relative stores (see Stores) or Smithshop (see Smithshop) for your Avatar Hero, and use them in a duels. There is Regular Mode, and Free Dueling. In Regular Mode, you pile in a number of resources you wager, and so does the opponent. You can also send a max space of 30 troops to aid him, and set up an attack force and defense force. Then each of you may assemble a fort system, which includes defenses and your fort, and you have 10 minutes max to set everything up. Each player has the same number and lvl defenses. You cannot look at the other players system, and once a wager has been made you cannot change it, and if the other player agrees, you cannot quit. There are two ways to win. One, destroy the opponents fort. Two, defeat the opponent's hero. When you win, you keep your wager, and take all he wagered. The battle commences when both players are online. In Free Dueling, everything is same, except for there is no wagering involved.

37. Minigames: Just somethings to keep waiting players occupied if they're probably sitting in a road trip for a long time. 

Minefield- In this game, your a defender and your village is nothing but a Town Hall Lv.5, surrounded by one layer of wall Lv.1. You have infinite Lv.1 Bombs and Air Bombs. It is a repeat survival game. A CPU will deploy troops to attack your base per round. Troops will be deployed far away from your base but will attack you and try to destroy your Town Hall. You plant bombs to kill attacking troops, but it takes a few seconds before you can deploy another bomb. You earn gold by destroying troops and touching tombstones, a different amount of gold per type or lvl troop. As you advance in a round more kinds of troops or leveled up ones will come in attack you, making things much harder. When you beat a round you can use coins to buy more walls, cannons, archer towers, mortars, etc. and upgrade them. Also you can buy single-use seeking air mines, giant bombs, and buy single-use lightning, freeze, burn spells. (See #19) Lvls will go on and on even if they deploy an army of lv2 witches. Troops we've made up are included. 

38. Villagers Coin Tax: A new way to earn money. Every day all villager (see Villagers/Town) each must hand over 25 gold.

39. Inn: A place where travelers can rest. Travelers will pay gold to enter in. Once in a while VIPs will enter for you to hire them for a bit of money or elixir (see VIP People).

40. VIP People: (I got his idea after I saw my friend playing Tiny Death Star by Lucasarts) Once in a while a VIP may appear in the Inn (see Inn). A VIP will do specific things for you if you. Here are some examples;

Draft Officer- reduces time of troop training in a barrack/dark barrack you deliver him to by 50%.
Hardcore Worker- Double-Boosts whatever resource maker you deliver him to or reduces building time by 50%.
Expert Bargainer- Gives you 25% discount on all stores you deliver it to.
Witch Doctor- Deliver it to a Hospital (see Hospital) and it will heal all troops gathering there immediately for 1 day.
Shield Magician- takes away shield cooldown. 

41. More Defenses: 

Frost Orb- Giant Orb loadable with elixir; it simply freezes the elixir through a physical change turning it into a deadly weapon, and will fire ice beams that will freeze troops in place for a short while.
Witch Tower (Dark Elixir)- Witch on top summons skeletons to defend the city while blasting foes in range.
Wind Tower- (commonly requested by fans) slows down enemies by blowing at them and keeps balloons away from its radius.

42. Clan Castle/Port Modification: Switch Clan Castle Between Defense Mode, or Reserve Mode. Also that goes for the same for a Port (See Port).

43. Clan Capitol: The Clan Capitol is the Town Hall/Clan Castle of your clan's Clan Capital (see Clan Capital). Not only upgrading it will allow you to build more things in it, but it will create a large space of troops, double the space of a normal Clan Castle. 

44. Arena: The Arena is a building which allows you to view duelers online, organize duels, fight duels, and see yourselve rise to the top or bottom as dueler.  (See Create Your Own Avatar/Dueling).

45. Dueling Ranks (See Create Your Own Avatar/Dueling): Dueling Ranks are like ranks in the raiding league, although each rank is not split into 3 parts. Instead of Trophies, there are Dueling Points. You can also use Dueling Points to buy upgrades in the Smithshop (See Smithshop) for your Avatar Hero, though use them carefully. Free Dueling will only earn/lose your Dueling Points. Regular Mode Dueling will include wagers, but also trophies for you and your clan, as well as Dueling Points.

46. Storage: Allows you to put decorations and traps away.

47. More Holiday Goodies: Instead of just having, Christmas and Halloween themes, include a Thanksgiving, New Year, and Earth Day. Also include more stuff ans village world details, such as snowmen and buyable holiday lights and wall decorations. Also not only you have a Santa Strike, but also for a 12-day length (12 days of Christmas) if you play everyday for that 12 days you can get free elixir and gold as well as 24 gems on the last day or something. Also holiday Stores (See Stores) will be unlockable for special upgrades. (Ex: Snow Mortar~ turns every third mortar shell fired into snow mortar shells that not only damages foes, but covers them in snow that slows them down. Santa's Sleigh~ Turn's Balloons into Santa Sleigh's which are much faster and drops present bombs much more quickly) Same goes for Halloween, where you can get a jack-o-lantern and scarecrow as decorations, and not only do you can get a pumpkin bomb, you can get other upgrades in stores.  (Ex: Trick or TNT~ turns all Wall Breaker bombs into gigantic pumpkins filled with TNT, not only creating a much larger explosion, but it blows sticky chunks of large pumpkin shells in all directions, damaging buildings. Also you can plant pumpkins for alot of food (See More Resource Types) For New Year's; Ex: Fire Works~ Every 5th Air Defense projectiles scatter fireballs when they take hits, which not only does mortar-like damage to air troops, but it may fall on ground troops as well.

48. Change Defenses Powers: More Cannons, but reduce its damage. Cannons are the most minor of all the defenses in the game. It is more sensible to lower their attack power, but also lower their price and increase the amount you can build. Also reduce the area size of cannons to 2 by 2. Archer Towers must be changed, too. Keep the same size. When upgraded, you can see there are more archers added sometimes, but why do they only fire one arrow? Instead, each archer will fire arrows, and they can fire them in the same direction. Remodify the Mortars. Make Mortar similar to real mortars during the 1600's. Mortars spit out multiple shells. You can switch between one big shell or tinier mortar shrapnels. To make the game balanced between difficulty, defenses

49. Campaigning: MORE CAMPAIGNS!!!!! Include more campaigns. Also, include Bosses (see More Heroes... And Bosses) at specific campaign levels. Kickout the 'Campaign Chain' phase of campaign, and instead you can have multiple campaigning levels you can choose, thus having a 'Campaign Web'. Campaign levels also include an "enemy CPU clan castle" like for the Goblin King there are goblins inside (which is easy because goblins are terrible defense troops, though it will be an annoyance). Now Campaigning CPU's can raid your forts and routes For more campaigns, here somethings my younger brother Aaron made up;

Gnikiv the Naughty- a viking type guy and his truly barbarian-viking army (Notice that his name is Viking spelled backwards).
Warlord Khan (like Genghis Khan)- a large samurai in yellow armor and chinese dragon mask, and his asian-style army.
Stormbeard (after Blackbeard, but he has a grayish beard- a filthy pirate, and has a great navy and a large crew, no army, that loves loot.
Chief Savage- Supreme Chief of the savage clans, evil disorganized clans with troops that wear silly masks, and raid for the sake of a bunch of statues.
Troll King- He looks like a skinny Golem, though still very large, and leads an army of slow but strong creatures.

50. Stop Clappin' Girl: Stop that really annoying clapping. When villagers go and "collect" things from nature and buildings, the women will carry a basket and actually reach toward the obstacle. Men will wear a Chinese rice hat and carry a straw backpack to carry things.

51. Clan Quests: As the leaders control clans, they can also assign clan quests, and so can co-leaders, and elders (see #14). A clan quest is an assignment, with a reward. Ex: You assign clanmates to raid a campaign level for you and win, then the person who completes it get whatever reward he/she accepted. If your resource storages cannot hold all the rewards, you get as much as you can hold while the rest goes back to you. That's why thre is a accept reward button, so you can empty your resources before you claim it.

52. Clan War Raid Routes: Raid Routes, are a line of areas you can build forts, blockades, defenses, and outposts during a war. Routes run in a 'spider web', connecting between the outskirts of the clan domain (See #6), and the inner villages, to the Clan Capital (see #7). The Attacking Clan, once they start an offensive, can choose the 'weakest route' to enter the Capital, thus winning, which will be the route with the least amount of forts or weakest villages. Once you've destroyed all forts in a route and successfully raided the village it leads to, you can and your clanmates can move onto the next route or village. Each route can hold 3 area sections. Each section can hold a fort (troops defenses), or outpost (holds resources used by clan during the clan war. Routes are similar to the campaign style, but it costs resources to move on the the next area section or village. You can build fort on a captured area so you can defended in case the defending clan strikes back. In clan war, if your clan control a certain percentage of routes your clan wins. This goes for the same for single-player campaigns.

53. Chat Room Modification: Instead of only global/clan chat rooms, there are also league chat rooms (for members of the same league, or league-less), allied clans chat (for allied clans in war, which they can talk about battle plans), Elder/Co-leader/Leader chat, for any of the members of a clan in these ranks.

54. Clan Rules List in Clan Description: Some people have a hard time fitting clan rules into their clan description. Instead, there should be a checklist of rule options, such as;

No Swearing- Clan chat mutes all cussing.
Keep Donations Over/Equal to Requests- A player cannot leave this clan until he has his donations over/equal to his requests.
No Allowing Anyone Under a Certain League into the Clan- Just look at the title.

55. What To Donate... Hmmm: Whenever you request something, you must check down which troops you want, such as any dark troop, or any air barrack troops. Or a specific type of troop. Also the specific lvl limit. Or you can just say anything at any level.

56. Ability to Donate Clan Troops or Toss Them Out: If you recieved a troop, but later decide you don't want it, you can redonate it to someone who really needs it, or simply toss them out. Like if a clanmate is handing out 'free' lvl 6 barbarians or something and a clanmate misses out, then you can save some for him/her.

57. Checkout What Troops Are in the Players Store: Before you request you can check out if any of the available players have the troop(s) you want.

58. Detroying Buildings: Like selling Decorations, you can demolish buildings, to earn half of the cost to build its current lvl.

59. Hiring Mercenaries: In a Inn (see  #39 & #40), you can hire mercenaries, special troops with exra-special stats. You can hire mercenary Barbarians, except these Barbarians are more speedy than normal ones.

60. Cauldron: Simply a Clan Castle for Spells, but cannot deploy spells, unlike the Clan Castle.

(write your ideas for more stuff or changes in the comments if you like and maybe we will put them on this list)

(Make up Troops, Buildings, Campaigns, and etc; WE NEED MORE IDEAS!!!!!)

(This list will be updated pretty often so stick around)


Question: We are polling clashers on what if, you could pick a specific theme for your COC village, then what them would you pick?

  1. A Pirate COC village
  2. An East-Asian COC village
  3. A Jungle COC village
  4. Ye Olde Regular Medieval/Viking village
  5. All of the Above (You can switch between whatever style village you like)

​To Answer, state your answer by the NUMBER (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5), and then state your AGE. THX!!!

WE NEED MORE IDEAS FOR 'MORE TROOPS TYPES' (see ideas #1, #3, #4, and #16 ): We need your help to create more troops types. (Troop Types include: Regular Barrack/ Dark Barrack Troops, Siege Factory Troops, Spirit Troops, and Clan Air Force) We will take any valid ideas and put them into a list. You can state your vote by calling the number of that idea. To do so include the following in your idea:

  • State the Troop's Character (what does your troops look like?) NOTE: your troop's name is optional.
  • State the Troop's Abilities (is it a flying or ground troop, maybe both? Is it melee, ranged, magic, special?)
  • State What Kind of Troops it is (Elixir Barracks, Dark Barracks, Siege Factory (#1), Navy Ship (#4), or a Spirit Troops (#5)
  • OPTIONAL: Include its stats and price if it is a Barrack/Dark Barrack Troop. State what lvl troop building you need.


MINIGAMES!!! (see idea #37) Create your own COC related minigame. (Use the example in #37): Later we will create a vote to see which minigame clashers want to play! CLASH ON!!!

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