aka Daniel

  • I live in USA
  • I was born on March 13
  • My occupation is Clan Leader
  • I am A Male
  • Daniel119

    1. Higher Positions like Co-Leader, Clan Captain, or Clan Commander
    2. Online and Offline Status
    3. New Troops ( Dual SwordsMan, Ultra( high armored pekka with 2 blue fiery swords), Medic(like Healer but ground unit and more healing powers.
    4. Aqua Tower (like Inferno Tower but water)
    5. New Heroes- Goblin King( like Goblin) Sorcerer( like Wizard) Ultra Knight(like Pekka) 
    6. Another Chat for Elders
    7. Sister, Brother, Feeder Clans
    8. Wait 5 Min after every kick
    9. Lvl 11 Town hall with water flowing on the roof
    10. Water Spell ( water from the ocean side of the vilage comes and deals 300 damage to all towers Cost: 100,000 Gold for 1
    11. Lvl 5 Dragon ( armor on Dragon)
    12. Clan Size 60 or 70 
    13. Fire Barracks- Fire Minion, Fire Devil, Blaze, Undead Skeleton, Lava Golem
    14. Lava Droplets (like elix…

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