• DarkClashBOB

    The Dark Clan Family have a great group of clans for anyone who is looking for a clan! There are currently three clans in the Dark Family. The head-leader of all clans is BOB and the head-coleader is theo. There are several coleaders and elders. If you want you are loyal to the Dark Family you can earn one of these by donating or just simply earning trust! Here are a list of the Dark Family's clans:

    Main Clan:

    Dark Vengeance - lvl 50+ lvl 4+ archers required to join! - Leader BOB

    Feeder Clans:

    Dark Victory - lvl 30+ lvl 3+ archers required to join - Leader fyno12y *NEW*

    Dark Glory lvl 20+ lvl 2+ archers required to join - Leader theo

    So join up to the clan which requirements fit you! Dark Victory is extremely new and was created a few days befor…

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