I don't know if Supercell will make these updates happen, but I hope they add new updates to the defensive towers. If you have any ideas, please post them on this page! Any pictures are greatly appreciated!

Some of my ideas include:

  • Cannon 12
    Level 12 Cannon
  • Level 4 PEKKA (more spikes and horns, and gold hilt transitioning into red blade. Attack power and HP go up)
  • Level 4 Dragon (red, and spits out lightning)
  • Level 8 Wizard Tower (I was thinking this could be a volcano with a level 5 wizard on top) maybe a metal platform next to but not on top of the crater
  • Level 11 Barracks (Unlocks Titan) and the barracks will have a shield with a fire emblem on it next to the wizard's metal stool, about twice its size. Titans will be biger than a PEKKA, have a higher attack power, but be about as slow as the PEKKA.
  • Level 12 Gold Mine (All golden, more hp, 200000 storage, 4500 gold per hour) 6 day upgrade time
  • Level 12 Elixir Collector (Made of purple crystal, same stats as level 12 gold mine) 6 day upgrade time
  • Level 8 Mortar (instead of a skull on the right side, make it a fat green gem, and increase attack power to 15 damage per second, 720 HP, 5000000 gold to upgrade, 8 days to upgrade) 

Special thanks to SynergyShade3624 for rendering pictures for this blogpost! :D

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