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    My favourite stragedies in COC BH4!

    Barbarians and Bombers or Bombarians (3 camps of Barbarians, 1 camp of Bombers

    Giants and Archers (3 camps of giants, 1 camp of archers)

    Giants and Minions level 5 (2 camps of Minions, 2 camps of Giants)

    Giants, Barbarians, Bombers or GBB (1 camp of Giants, 1 camp of Bombers, 2 camps of Barbarians)

    Attacks (stragedies???) that are not working for me anymore

    All Baby Dragons (Air Bombs just crush them)

    All Barbarians (The crusher is a VERY big weakness to them, Mega Mines as well)

    And all other "All" attacks.

    Feel free to tell me your stragedies :D

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