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    Loot and Trophies...

    December 26, 2014 by Devil's Shadow
    Hey Guys its me Devil,im here with a simple strategy for getting loots and also Trophies...
    Generally if u go for Loot raids u wud use Goblins and may lose the match(Defeat),but u wud get the Loot...But what if u get a VICTORY and Loot..Even Cool...
    Goblins can be taken...but have very low hit ponts..So hw about archers  & Barbarians Army..?

    Or More Archers Even....You will certainly Get all loot and also a Victory by Grounding 50% of opponent's base...
    Be in Silver | or Gold ||| for Townhall 5,6,7..
    Find matches with loot not less than 1Lakh loot...Main thing is SEE THAT THE LOOT IS IN COLLECTORS and GOLD MINES... so as to increase ur Win percentage...Deploy the barbarians in a Rounded fashion ie) Around his Base this

    and afte…
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