• DiogoSaraiva


    I I really wanted to upgrade TH to level 8, but some of my friends disaprove it, because they say I must first upgrade almost everthing the rest (defense, etc ...).because then it becomes harder to raid/steal other villages...

    You Can View My Current Levels always updated at:

    and here:

    My Current Levels are:


    Cannons: 5 x level 8 and 1 x level 7

    Archer Towers: All 4 at level 7

    Hidden Teslas: 1x level 1 and 1x level 2

    Mortars: 2x level 4 and 1x level 3

    Wizard Towers: All 2 at level 3

    Air Defenses: lvl 3, lvl 2


    Bombs: all at level 4

    Air Bombs All at level 3

    Seeking air mine: level 1

    Giant Bomb: All at level 2

    My Army and Spells:

    Army Camps: 5, 5, 4, 4

    Barracks: lvl 9, lvl 6, lvl 6, lvl 5


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