hi guys i heard about hero ideas and the minion master is one i think will be great

level 1-9: he will be a man with spiky dark blue hair and a purple robe with a hood, he will also have a wooden staff with a clear crystal at the end. he summons minions (level 1) from a portal he creates, the portal is a bright purple colour. he also shoots dark elixir from his staff.

level 10-19: his hair will go dark purple like the level 7 wizard tower, his robe will go black and his staff will go black aswell , the crystal will become elixir purple. the portal is now a dark purple, he also releases level 2 minions

level 20-29 his hair will become black, and his robe will go a dark dark green while his staff goes pitch black and the crystal will become dark blue with aqua at the tip. the portal is now dark blue and the minions are level 3.

level 30-39 his hair stays the same with dark blue and dark purple tips. his robe goes black again while the inside of the hood becomes dark blue and purple, and his staff becomes stays the same except the aqua changes to dark purple. the portal is black like dark elixir and the minions are level 4

level 40 his hair tips become gold and his eyes go bright red his robe stays black and the inside of the hood is gold. the staff is a deep dark black,the crystal is a lighter black then the staff and glows red. the portal is black with red coming out occasionly. the minions are level 5

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