ive thought of some ideas for updates be honest if you think they are bad if you like any of my ideas or have any of your own ideas please feel free to comment

new heroes-goblin emporer---minion master (got another blog on the minion master)---sorcerer (wizard)---valkerqueen (valkyrie)---

lowering of prices

new troops dwarf,orc,orger,ghoul (only appears when attacking defenses(defenses are main target)),T.A.N.K.E.R (is made to attract attention, large amount of health very low attack)

level 11 and 12 barracks

level 5 6 and 7 dark barracks

wall traps (like spring traps but get hog riders mid jump over wall)

reverse spell (control one of your enemies defenses)

level 6 spell factory

town hall level 11 and 12 level 11 has a torpedo shooter on top (very small range, 1 tile around the town hall, it will also be faster and stronger then a mortar, it is now blue instead of red ,cost dark elixer and gold

level 12 it becomes two torpedoes and the town hall now resmebles a chinese pagoda except with skulls on the corners and a wall of fire surrounding it (this upgrade will cost dark elixir and gold

level 13 cannon the cannonballs have a trail of electricity.

new archer level, 4 level 6 archers on top and spikes suroundimg it.

new mortar level, its now surrounded by a ditch filled with lava.

wizard tower level 8 , its now the colour of dark elixir.

air defense 9 resembles a gatling gun (gun with barrels in a circle but rockets on top.

x bow new level,two x bows tightly next two eachother.

inferno tower level 3 blue flames and fully gold with black at the base.

gold storage its now black and red with red flames in the corners

elixir storage the glass is now a shade of blue and it looks like its in a tiger mouth

dark elixir storage has a slightly bigger container and spikes going down the edges getting bigger at the bottom

2 more builders huts. when you get level 11 town hall builders huts get a stronger bulkier look

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