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Dark Defensive Building
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This is simply a concept and all specifics are open for debate. Please inform me if a similar concept already exists.
  • Summary
    • The Witch Tower is a rocky tower that has a Witch atop it. It is low powered, but can be very useful in distracting attacking ground melee troops.
    • The Witch has her own area splash attack (ground & air). Unlike the Mortar, her attack has no blind spot.
    • The most vital role of the Witch is her ability to summon dead warriors from past battles (Skeletons). Skeletons distract and draw attacking ground melee troops away from their previous target, giving other defensive buildings additional time to attack. Once summoned, these Skeletons are able to chase attacking ground troops throughout the entire base.
    • Both the Witch's attack and her ability to summon Skeletons are limited by a radius. Once attacking troops enter this radius and Skeletons are summoned, the Skeletons are able to leave this radius and continue chasing troops. Additional Skeletons will not be summoned unless attacking troops are withing this radius.
  • Upgrade Differences
    • Witch Towers undergo visual changes at levels 2, 3 and 4.
      • When initially constructed, the Witch Tower appears to be solid gray rock.
        • At level 2, the upper portion of the base becomes black.
        • At level 3, the entire base becomes black.
        • At level 4, the base remains the same, but a bright green ball periodically spirals upwards around the base with a glowing green trail flowing behind it.
  • Trivia
    • You don't need to train a Witch to have the Witch Tower, nor do you need to unlock the Witch in your Barracks. Any upgrades to the Witch you have completed in your Laboratory have no effect on the Witch Tower whatsoever.
    • Occasionally, attacking troops distracted by Skeletons don't return to attacking the same building they were previously attacking, but attack a different building. Attacking troops move towards the Skeleton as they approach, so once there are no more skeletons, they choose their next target based on their new location.
    • Attacking troops that prefer certain targets (such as defensive buildings) will not be distracted by Skeletons but will still be attacked by them.
    • Skeletons only attack ground troops, but can still be attacked by air troops. At the moment there are no remaining attacking ground troops, Skeletons will stand still, but can still be targeted by attacking air troops.
    • The Skeletons that are summoned by the Witch Tower are able to jump over walls in order to chase attacking troops.
    • From the top of the tower, the Witch summons the Skeletons, but the skeletons are generated near the base of the tower.
    • Attacking air troops within the radius will not trigger Skeletons to be summoned unless there are attacking ground troops currently deployed.

Witch Tower

Level Damage per Second Damage per Shot Skeletons Summoned Hitpoints Cost [1] Build Time Experience Gained [2] Town Hall Level Required
1 8 5.6 2 (Limit 4) 500 1,000,000 3 days 509 8
2 10 7 3 (Limit 6) 530 2,000,000 4 days 587 9
3 12 8.4 4 (Limit 8) 560 3,000,000 5 days 720 9
4 15 10.5 6 (Limit 12) 600 5,000,000 7 days 777 10
Range Attack Speed Damage Type Unit Type Targeted Summon Cooldown
7 0.7s Splash - 0.3 Tile Ground & Air 6s


Preferred Target Attack Type Movement Speed Attack Speed Range
None Melee (Ground Only) 24 1s 0.4 tiles
Damage per Second Damage Per Attack Hitpoints
25 25 45


dpaquett  |  Carolina Clash

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