New Defence:

The Mage Keep

Load the Mage Keep with spells from your Spell Factory!

Use the Lightning Spell to make your enemies feel the wrath of the sky!

Keep your defences unscathed with the Heal Spell!

Unleash your towers' fury with the Rage Spell!

Blast your enemies away with the Jump Spell!

Stop your ememies in their tracks with the Freeze Spell!

Even use your Mage Keep's magical might to make spells brew faster!

Out of spells? Load the keep with Elixer for powerful plasma blasts or with Dark Elixer to to create toxic puddles to poison your enemies and even slow them down!


Level 1:

700HP Load Cost 20000 Elixer 45 Damage per Second Air and Ground Range 8 Tiles Single Target (Doesn't unload unless destroied) or 100 Dark Elixer 45 Splash Damage Ground and Air (5 continous damage and movement speed halved for 5 seconds after hit and continous puddles left for 15s which induce slowness and poison 1x1 square for air it leaves a black cloud with the same effects).

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