• DragonSlayer382000

    Hey you Clash of Clans Players..... 

    I have the best news for you guys. If you are a T9 and above you have to read this NOW.

    So you might be a really bad attacker in clash but you are good at upgrading your clash. Right? Well Yesterday I was dropping alot of trophies to Bronze I. Why? Because OI was going to give up on Clash. But suddenly I find a base that has 400,000 Gold, 300,000 Elixir and 1,000 Dark Elixir..... WOW... But wait what was the best part of this? Well this base was a TH7 with not walls, and NO DEFENSE. ONLY A LEVEL ONE CANNON.... SO I ATTACK THIS BASE IMMEDIATELY..... I WON 100% AND GOT 30 TROPHIES. LOL RIGHT? WELL WHEN I GO BACK TO MY BASE I GET AN ARMY OF 200 ARCHERS MAXED LEVEL FOR TH8 AND I GET MY LEVEL 10 KING AND LEVEL…

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