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    Fanfic do-over

    October 23, 2013 by Dragonvaledaily123

    Hi, I'm going to make a new fanfic. Enjoy XD

    It was a peaceful day in the new village. Basic wooden walls bordered the perimeter from attacks, and the one builder was lazily making progress on a cannon. Everything was about to change. A strange sound came over the hills. "A RAID!! SECURE THE PERIMETER!!" Archers hastily took up position on their towers and could not believe their eyes. It was Kemal's army!! But something was wrong. They seemed to be dripping with a viscous black liquid, and their eyes were glowing. "What-" The archer was cut off as the goop seeped onto the tower out of the troops eyes!

    "Daddy, why can't I come on the raid?" Said a young boy to his barbarian father. "You can't; you haven't trained yet!" The raiding regiment m…

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  • Dragonvaledaily123

    This is my fanfic! (Srry 4 short chapters and little character personalities)

    Dark clouds hung over Mt.Karios and thunder crackled and ripped across the sky, illuminating a small entrance into a cave. Deep inside, two wizards stood, watching over a large pool of dark, bubbling liquid. One of them spoke: "With dark elixir, we will be unstoppable! It's unholy power will bring ruin to the greatest of fortresses, from weak villages with no walls to the iron stronghold of the Kemal empire!" The other wizard, who was taller and looked more sinister, with glowing red eyes said: "Do not forget, Malagan, these creatures are extremely powerful they-" The tub of dark elixir bubbled and suddenly a huge rocky hand reached out and snapped Malagans neck …

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