Hi, I'm going to make a new fanfic. Enjoy XD


It was a peaceful day in the new village. Basic wooden walls bordered the perimeter from attacks, and the one builder was lazily making progress on a cannon. Everything was about to change. A strange sound came over the hills. "A RAID!! SECURE THE PERIMETER!!" Archers hastily took up position on their towers and could not believe their eyes. It was Kemal's army!! But something was wrong. They seemed to be dripping with a viscous black liquid, and their eyes were glowing. "What-" The archer was cut off as the goop seeped onto the tower out of the troops eyes!

Chapter 1

"Daddy, why can't I come on the raid?" Said a young boy to his barbarian father. "You can't; you haven't trained yet!" The raiding regiment marched forwards. 10 giants, a few wall breakers and a regiment of barbarians and archers. They set off on a quick march pace, having breaks every hour to drink elixir. 2 hours later, just as the night began, he noticed a village. It was completely covered in a gooey black substance. "What?" Jim pointed. But when the commander looked over, it was gone. "What? There's nothing there." They set up a campfire and grilled a large pig.

Chapter 2

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