This is my fanfic! (Srry 4 short chapters and little character personalities)


Dark clouds hung over Mt.Karios and thunder crackled and ripped across the sky, illuminating a small entrance into a cave. Deep inside, two wizards stood, watching over a large pool of dark, bubbling liquid. One of them spoke: "With dark elixir, we will be unstoppable! It's unholy power will bring ruin to the greatest of fortresses, from weak villages with no walls to the iron stronghold of the Kemal empire!" The other wizard, who was taller and looked more sinister, with glowing red eyes said: "Do not forget, Malagan, these creatures are extremely powerful they-" The tub of dark elixir bubbled and suddenly a huge rocky hand reached out and snapped Malagans neck in one swoop. The other wizard turned around and fumbled with a teleportation spell, but small blueish gargoyle creatures poured out of the pool, scratching and dropping choking clods of the strange dark substance. The wizard ran and tripped plunging over a cliff. The creatures fanned out heading to the nearest towns. But deep in the cave, Kairos had awoken. The dark lord of death itself, this rippling and bubbling mass of solid exilir stood, and marched out of the cave... </nowiki>

Chapter 1

Jim was normally not a superstitious person. He woke from his bed in the simple town hall, which had undergone five renovations so far. It was time for a new day. The workers were busying themselves with painting the walls with a dark paint rumored to have a trace amount of dark elixir within. Brave volunteers trained to be soldiers, the scientists were inventing a stronger type of bow, and the regiment had left on a new raid. In other words, all was well. Except one thing. Lately, he had heard rumors that Kairos had reawaken, and his horrific legions marched upon the world of Clashia once more. Jim had always thought that Kairos was a fairy tale, a character to frighten children. He would have still believed that if he had not seen strange bat-like creatures flitting around the town at night. Were they planning an attack? Jim made up his mind. He ordered his subjects to inform everyone to man the defenses. This was not met very well with, as the grain shipment was coming that day, but everyone lazily took up their arms and primed the air defenses. Little did Jim know that these unneccesary preparations would in fact be very useful.

Chapter 2

Deep in the night, Jim was roused from his sleep by a mysterious flapping sound. He ran out the door to discover that the dark elixir troops had attacked!! They had broken the code if honor saying that you could only raid at night! Jim blew the horn, but a huge rocky fist punched through the gleaming walls, and leapt into the open. It was a pile of rocks glued toghether by a lacing purple energy. It had two glowing eyes. While Jim was transfixed, a group of fast reacting barbarians grabbed their swords and charged. Jim quickly instructed a wizard to raise skeletons to use as wall breakers. A person had manned the air defence and was holding off the minions quite well, they were struck by flaming rockets and fell to the ground covered in gooey dark elixir. The golem swung its fist, sending a barb flying. He lay ominously still. The other barbs had lost their courage and circled around, careful not to get within striking range. Then, with surprising agility, the golem charged forward at a cannon, which hurriedly fired a few shots at it. The golem grabbed the cannon and pulled it up so hard, that the underground control room was exposed. By this time, the wall breakers were made and ran into the golem, rupturing it into two large chunks of rock, which horrifyingly, began to rise again. Meanwhile, six other golem had broken in, breaking elixir collectors, smashing gold storages and knocking archer towers over. "RETREAT!!" Yelled Jimmy, and everyone went out the secret entrance to head for the Kemal stronghold, leaving their town to burn.

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