• Drallgeo000

    The fire Magma hero

    August 7, 2013 by Drallgeo000

    I have a sweet idea guys copy and paste if you like this idea, so there will be a new hero called the fire magma, and under stand hes not a king or prince but supercell is always coming up with new stuff, this hero will be unlocked at town hall 10 and will hold a modified inferno tower it will look somewhat like a gun and be glowing red, the hero himself will be made of molten rock and have red glowing eyes and a little black spikes on top of his head to give him a darth mual look, his weapon, the modified inferno tower will do more damage to defenses the longer he shoots, and regular inferno towers will not do damage to him infact they won't even target him, but the main reason i came up with this idea is becuase the witches are WAYYY oveā€¦

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