I have a sweet idea guys copy and paste if you like this idea, so there will be a new hero called the fire magma, and under stand hes not a king or prince but supercell is always coming up with new stuff, this hero will be unlocked at town hall 10 and will hold a modified inferno tower it will look somewhat like a gun and be glowing red, the hero himself will be made of molten rock and have red glowing eyes and a little black spikes on top of his head to give him a darth mual look, his weapon, the modified inferno tower will do more damage to defenses the longer he shoots, and regular inferno towers will not do damage to him infact they won't even target him, but the main reason i came up with this idea is becuase the witches are WAYYY over powered so the fire magma will have a favorite target and it will be the witch if the attacker spawns a witch he will go right for it if the attacker spawns multiple witchs he will go for them he won't take the time to kill troops in his way ounce all the witches have been killed or if the attacker dident even use a witch he fire magma will just go back to killing everything else but since he has the inferno tower effect he won't be effective against large amounts of troops when attacking with him he will have a decent amount of health and like i said do more amounts of damage the longer he shoots he will also have a total of 20 levels and he will cost 100000 thousand dark elixar to buy but his first upgrade to lvel 2 will cost 50000 dark elixar half if the price you buaght him with like the archer queen, well Guysi hoped you liked this idea it took a while to come up with but i think it has potential.

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