Welcome back everyone! I have been recently making major upgrades that should have been made a long time ago. So I was calculating how much gold, elixir, and dark elixir it would take to max out Town Hall 8. For gold, it takes 238,728,000 gold, for elixir, 21,414,000, and for dark elixir, 422,500. In other news, I have been doing scoreboard for St. Mary's basketball games lately. Tomorrow would have been a big game. It was 7/8 River Ridge Girls and Boys that were suppose to be playing, but Gracie just had to put all her weight on a foot rest and that collapsed and she landed hard on a table and broke her arm. So that wasn't good. At least that didn't happen a week earlier or else we probably wouldn't have a Cassville girls matchup. Anyway, back to Clash, lately I have been upgrading my defenses. In war, my base got two-stared with a ten dragon formation. Luckily, a lvl6 air defense got done just before war started and chewed the crap out of the dragons. If that air defense would have been lvl5, I probably would have been three starred. So my upgrading has been really good lately. My remaining upgrades are 5 Archer Towers to lvl9 and lvl10, 1 Cannon to lvl10 and 3 Cannons to lvl9 and lvl10, 1 Wizard Tower to lvl6 and 2 Wizard Towers to lvl5 and lvl6, 2 air defenses to lvl6, 3 hidden Teslas to lvl3, lvl4, lvl5, and lvl6, 1 Motar to lvl6, and lots of walls to lvl7 and lvl8. I just need to keep my resources safe. Well, that's all for now. Clash on everyone!

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