Hey everyone. Ive been doing a lot of major upgrades lately. All my builders are hard at work and my collectors are getting fuller than ever. My storages have been extremely full. In the Research Center, I am upgrading Wizards to level five, but still have a day left on that. My next upgrade will be either Rage to lvl4, Lightning to lvl5, Archer to lvl 5, Giant to lvl5, Wall Breaker to lvl5, Balloon to lvl5, or a slight possibility of Dragon going to lvl3. In the gold section, the next upgrade will be either Air Defense to lvl6, Wizard Tower to lvl5, Cannon to lvl10, Archer Tower to lvl9, Hidden Telsa to lvl3, or Motar to lvl6. I have been on Clash of Clans since March 15. I have been going for lots of loot. In my clan, Bulldogs Nation, we have been at war. We lost this war, but last war we had 30 stars in war (we had 10 people in the clan). I was really happy with how we did. I have been doing barcher attacks lately. When we have a war, once I'm done with my 2nd attack, I take all the troops I have left over, and add in troops I need to fill the camp, I go and attack with them. I literally 3 starred someone with my leftovers once. Right now I'm in Silver 1. That is the best place for loot. As of right now, my troops and levels are: Barbarian lvl5, Archer lvl4, Goblin lvl4, Giant lvl4, Wall Breaker lvl4, Wizard lvl4, Balloon lvl4, Dragon lvl2, Pekka lvl1, Minion lvl2, Hog Rider lvl1, Valkyrie lvl1, Golem lvl1, Lightning Spell lvl4, Healing Spell lvl4, Rage Spell lvl3, and Barb King lvl4. Well I got to run. Clash on!

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