Rigbys Army - Top of Rigbys Web

Web Leader for all clans is Drumdad.  Mysteriously LoneRaider, SpeedRaider, and the all powerful RedRaider join the clans and assume the leader accounts upon joining.

Rigbys Army is where we all meet for the last day of each push.  This is our clan for pushing to the Top 200.

All of our Elders are mult-season veterans who are:  Social, High Speed Donors, and Willing to Lead.   Our clans are run by our elders to keep 24/7 coverage in kicking hoppers, bad apples, stoping arguments, and making sense of occasional craziness a new person joining the clan can bring.

The elders will sometimes have low donation counts as they may be rotating in / out of all the Rigby clans to bring a sense of teamwork across clans and to bring our Raiders and True Rigbys clan the high level troops that is the value of being in a web of clan.

TROPHY PUSH's  are coordinated across all our clans.  The TOP 50 of the three clans join for the last day of the push to set a Rigby Web push record.   After 5 days of push, the clans all rest up and clan members return to any of the clans which they feel is their Clan Home.

Rigbys Raiders

Rigbys Raiders was created after a few seasons in Rigbys Army when we realized not all of us wanted to trophy push and farm at the same time.   Rather than lose our elders and valued members who were not in a position to trophy push we created Rigbys Raiders.  Raiders implies they were raiding for gold and elixer and not trophy pushing.   The clan developed a life of its own and we realized that a 'feeder' may not be reality and people liked being in the same clan and not simply being used for the purposes of a higher clan.   We changed our policies and let our clan members choose if they want to remain in Raiders or move onward to Army for the higher level troops.

True Rigbys 

True Rigbys was our third clan created as Drumdad's original plans was to allows elders to build their own feeders rather than leave the Rigby family to start their own clan.  TRUE DAT, our first member with a PEKKA, wanted to lead a clan.  Drumdad created True Rigbys and on the first day we had our 45 members and were off and running.   We hit a snag, as much like Raiders, True and 15k discovered being a clan leader is hard work!   True Dat came back to Rigbys Army and the clan was run by Drumdad's son Matthew.   Matthew relied upon Chris for the first weeks to keep the clan running and Chris became our first co-leader.  After several seasons we concentrated on bringing True Rigbys and Rigbys Raiders closer to Army by dispatching Rigbys Hall of Famer Utchi to help run the clan with Chris.

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