Rigbys Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame and MVPs of Seasons Past:

  • Noor: - Townhall 6 was our first crystal member other than Rigby leader Drumdad.  Noor was a multi-season MVP donating 4,000+ troops in multiple seasons.  Noor agreed to sit atop the clan as a crystal recruiting mantle while he donated 3-4,000 per season.
  • Mattky - Highspeed donor and willing to rotate to the feeders for donations as well as taking on the responsibilities of being leader in the feeders.
  • Utchi - Highspeed donor and spent several seasons at 2,000+ donations with 0 requests.  Utchi left Army to help startup Rigby's Raiders and then onto co-leading True Rigbys after Chris and Matthew had it up and running.
  • 15k - Our first member in Army.  He was bronze 3 at the time and later brought in Amsyar who was our first Gold member.   Amsyar sat atop the clan as a recruiting beacon for 2 seasons as our gold mantle.  15K led the creation of our first feeder - Rigbys Raiders.  15K later brought into the clan his Gold 1 account and shocked us all that he was not the bronze level only player sleeping in our clan the first 4 seasons.
  • Yenski - Mr. Yenski took on the responsibility of co-leading Rigbys Raiders once 15k had the clan up and running.  He led the clan from 8,000 to 14,000 trophies when Drumdad was too busy for anything other than occasional visits.
  • Mr. Stokbroodkop - Joined Army as it transitioned to a Townhall 9 clan.   He jumped in and was season MVP multiple seasons donating several thousand Level 6 giants which no one else in the clan had at the time.  He was 3,000+ donations with 0 requested troops his first 3 season.
  • Matthew - Being the son of the leader of the Rigbys clans brings special challenges....  Matthew stepped in and took over True Rigbys in its 2nd - 3rd Seasons while it tried to get a steady group of Elders to help monitor and run the clan.
  • 'Chris - 'Chris was the first elder of True Rigbys and was essentially responsible for it becoming an actual clan of value.  Along with Toast and Mottdogga and several others they created a clan with limited support from Drumdad other than setting the rules and guidance for how to create an awesome clan worthy of being a Rigby Clan.  

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