This strat works! -Jerry, aka barb king the main idea for what king of base you want to attack is one with full collectors.

The Strat Guide: the army camps i have are lvl3, 2 lvl5 and 1 lvl6, = 175 troop capacity.

10 Giants, 10 wall breakers, 59 lennards, (a.k.a goblins), and the rest archers. (depending on your army camp space add goblins or archers to your likings.) first, find a base with collectors on the outside, preferrably full. start off with your giants at each point there's collectors, e.g. on opposite sides.

then, place 1 row of archers on each collector, and then drop approximately 5 goblins on each collector, and more if the defenses take them all out. if you have your barb king, now would be a good time to drop him down to try for the 50% so you dont drop in trophies. (drop him so he goes for stuff onthe outside of the base, like at the corners.) drop some wall breakers (approximately 2 for lvl5 walls, if their lvl3. lvl4 with only need 2 for lvl6 walls.)

to break into the base for the storages, and the Th. this gets me roughly 1 star and depending on the base, approximately 100k loot each and sometimes a bit of dark elixir.

Awesomeness,-Egear 16:23, April 5, 2015 (UTC)

test it out, and give me some feedback! :D

–—————————— Alternate strat: 10 Giants 10 wall breakers 50 goblins The rest, 1/2 minions, 1/2 archers, depending on your army camp space. NOTE:I don't have minions till later today, and when I do I'll try it out a few times then update this section, so hang tight! <3 Note to spottra: sorry about my page, I didn't know it needed to be a blog post or a strat guide using a template. Idk how to use the template, so I'm going with blog posts for my Strats ;P

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