• ESWWoof

    Troop Selection, the Process

    Before training troops, you want to have plan ahead, overall it saves time and your attacks are more effective that way.

    For looting it is harder to have a specific plan, but you can have an overall one. 
    Giant+healer? Mass Archer+Barb? All-out dragon barrage? Mass goblins and anything else?
    Those are common strategies just to name a few, but you narrow it down or even come up even more if you know the math and also have an overall goal. 
    When looting you want to be either:
    1. Getting as much loot as possible at once
    2. Quick frequent attacks to get a high loot return per hour (usually barb+archer or goblins)
    3. Gaining trophies
    For war there is no excuse, you have a planned target, so it is a different strategy. …

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