How To Attack Succesfully at town hall 6 to 7

In order to farm and push succesfully without losing trophies, or wasting troops, follow these few tips.

  • Always check if there is clan castle troops. If so try to lur them out of any range of  a defence in order to attack them easier. If it is a dragon, a wizard or valkyrie, try to spread yout troops around them because if they are all gathered in same spot, the valkyrie, wizard or dragon will take them out in one shot.
  • Always bring wall breakers! Wall breakers are essential for trophy pushing, or even farming. Most people rely on their troops to break through walls but that takes time, and the defences will be able to take your troops down before they even break through the wall. Wall breakers can break through walls fast and effectively. But be careful, do not bring too many wall breakers, for you need all the troops you can get.
    • Wall breaker you really need them!
    • Clan castle troops problems
    • Mortar shot! BEWARE
    Never place all your troops at once. At this level, mortars are the most dangerous defences in a base. Which also brings us to the wall breaker issue.  A lot of people drop all their troops at once, their troops stop at a wall and the motar shoots them all down. Always save some troops in case something goes wrong. For example if you want to get the gold and the two storages are on different sides, place about half of your troops on one side and then the rest on the other side. However, if one storage is a higher level, depending on how full it looks always go for it first.

                                                                                                                                 - Elliot the powe

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