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    Balloonion MIGHT be expensive at town hall 7 and 'risky' but it's worth it.

    Balloonion is a strategy for town hall 7+. It is primarily made of balloons and
    Minions.It is a powerful strategy so it should only be used in wars. Why not
    Use mass dragon attacks? I have 3 reasons:
    -Low Level Dragons are weak
    -We now can have 3 Level 5 Air defences
    -The Costs! Oh my!
    You can see a link to the composition of TH7 Balloonion here:
    Attack Strategies/TH7 Balloonion
    So, let's move on.
    Note that most stuff is copied from the guide.
    30 Balloons (Level 4) - 105,000 Elixir
    25 Minions (Level 1/2) - 175 Dark Elixir
    3 Rage Spells (Level 4) - 90,000 Elixir
    Dark Elixir - 175
    Elixir - 195,000
    Housing - 200
    I found you don't have level 4 Rage spells…

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