Balloonion MIGHT be expensive at town hall 7 and 'risky' but it's worth it.

Balloonion is a strategy for town hall 7+. It is primarily made of balloons and
Minions.It is a powerful strategy so it should only be used in wars. Why not
Use mass dragon attacks? I have 3 reasons:
-Low Level Dragons are weak
-We now can have 3 Level 5 Air defences
-The Costs! Oh my!
You can see a link to the composition of TH7 Balloonion here:
Attack Strategies/TH7 Balloonion
So, let's move on.
Note that most stuff is copied from the guide.
30 Balloons (Level 4) - 105,000 Elixir
25 Minions (Level 1/2) - 175 Dark Elixir
3 Rage Spells (Level 4) - 90,000 Elixir
Dark Elixir - 175
Elixir - 195,000
Housing - 200
I found you don't have level 4 Rage spells or Minions it fine. As long as your Rage spells are level 3! It will get at least 2 stars. Also Raid your mirror. If you're mirror is a town hall or more above you, maybe attack a town hall level that is the same as you. If your mirror is rushed, Don't attack them. You will get away easily with the attack And it's not worth the elixir cost.
1. Look for bases with wizard towers that are not central
2. Place Rage spells up to the defences you want to attack and release balloons
3. Place 2 clumps of around 5 Minions behind balloons
4. If a pack of balloons is making a long trek to a air defence drop your last rage
5. Once a suitable path is made drop Minions in staggered clumps of 5
6. Use your barb king (if you have one) to clear buildings and get that last bit of percentage but he Dosen't play a big role in these raids.
Please be nice if there is a spelling or grammar error and do not curse at me.
Thanks and comment if you think I could improve something!
CopyRightMikeB30 (he made the Attack Strategies/TH7 Balloonion Guide.
Thanks for reading!
EDIT: adding Break Code (BR) to support 'line skipping'

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