Hi! Every week I'm going to make one of these blog posts about things people would like to see in clash, if you want me to talk about something let me know below, the week I'm talking about....

                                BUILDER HUT UPGRADES

Yeah I think it would make a great addition to the game to have upgraded builder huts, either another builder could live there or the upgrade times are shorter. Before you say that's too op just think about it, the upgrade times wouldn't have to be shortened that much maybe only 10% less each upgrade and have 3 or 4 upgrades altogether. Anyway now let's talk about appearance, the builders hut could have small changes, maybe on the first it gets taller, on the second it has a wall around it and the third could have a significant change in appearance ( I thought about this for a while but i couldn't think of much)

CONCLUSION I know none of this will happen I just like to think about it, if you have any ideas let me know below. Until next week, goodbye

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