wars winning loosing failing cheating

hi so recentley ive ventured into the clan wars scene but have found myself undone by several things and as i grow every attack i feel i wanna see are there others out there the same or am alone. now im sure verybody has the masters who can wreck everybase anybase ect ect good for you. heres my problem when farming or pushing i can 1star most bases to master 1 with tier 1 troops barbs archers ect .im now adapting trying new tactics but find myslf costing my clan wars because of my failed attacks. i either panic n rush my troops in all at once or my troops especially my pekka n queen like to roam off in the complete other directionto were i need them so so frustrating.but as it stands i am 50/50 fail win . my questions are this is it just me or does tehre seem like more pressure on attacks if your caln want to win. is it just me or is back to back waring very stressful if you have a real life and dont clash all day. last question but do any off you guys gals plan your atatcks cook the right stuff have it all set ready to go only to compltely fall apart and ruin your attacks {such a horrible feeling}.   another issue i have with war is this silly thing of if your high level max troops it should be easy tats unfair how should starring a th10 be easy if it were easy there would be no fun in this game well for me anyway i mean if i was starring bases easy i would get bored and stop playing maybe its just me i dont know hope to hear from you guys as im interested to hear of your war experiences.

o and finally i am aware of the new craze going around its weak and shallow to me . so it seems guys have massive start counts now not take off genuine war players but i know off a few who basically aline them selves in clans with th3-8 only and go to war as to enable them easy stars they hit lower basically and that seems unfair. were is the fun or the skill in a th10 smashing a th3 4 5 6 7 or 8 its too easy and no fun and if you count taht as earned war stars you truly are a shallow unsportman gamer.                                                                                                                rant over

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