• FreshestKiddo

    Dutch HunterZ clan

    December 29, 2013 by FreshestKiddo

    Hello guys! I'm going to write a blog for you so you can follow me on my way to a maxed out town hall 7 base and to hear how my clan is going. I have one more day to go for my town hall to finish. Right now my base with the level 6 town hall isn't completely maxed out but I'm working on that... Anyway, right now i'm in a self-made clan with a friend and it's going pretty well. Just started (9 days ago) and today we were full! we had to kick some people out to make room for higher leveled people. The clan is named 'Dutch HunterZ'. Do you have no clan, looking for one and having 800 trophies or more? I hope to see you there.


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