Although my clan The Kites has been around for a while, I call this the beginning because we just decided to make
this serious.

We (my friend and I) saw great success in getting members to join by generously donating the best troops we had to anyone that joined the clan (regradless whether we though they would hop our clan or not). This drew in many new members that were also generous and managed to out donate us on a weekly basis, sometimes doanting in excess of 1000 troops a week.

As we grew in numbers is was evident that there were some leeches in the clan constantly requesting troops and giving nothing in return. As a result, we made a minimum donate rule that required so many donates a week to remain a member. The first doante rule was that members only needed to donate a modest 30 troops a week. This rule quickly served its purpose as the clan fell in numbers drastically every Sunday as we dropped the dead weight.

This brings us to the present where we are currently thinning out the main clan and expanding to create 

a feeder clan that weeds out all of the dead weight for us. The new clan is called The Kite Shop and is curently

File:Image (1).jpeg

gaining members quickly. I encourage anyone to joint his clan if they are interested in being in The 

Kites and getting high lvl donates in a fun and friendly environment.

There is also now a subreddit page for The Kites ( where suggestions are welcome and our strategies are revealed.

Lets see where this goes shall we? I'll keep you posted.

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