The highest-ranked “Clash of Clans” player in the world: is there any chance to become one for free?

I will share a true story which will be familiar for thousands of amateurs and professionals all around the world.  Even though I am 32 years old, I still enjoy playing popular computer games, and I certainly have considerable gaming experience.  I believe I am very demanding for myself as I usually strive for maximum: not only do I want to win the game I also want to complete it having the highest scores.  I particularly like playing strategy games so I have decided to join my friend and I have downloaded “Clash of Clans” as well. I had played many games of this kind and I knew perfectly well that various boosters could be purchased in order to simplify the game play. Nevertheless, my aim here was to achieve the highest results only by using my own gaming skills and not purchasing any game improvements. Actually, everything was like this at the beginning: the game was entertaining and all the improvements were easy to achieve. In fact, I still play “Clash of Clans” and for now my gold and elixir storages are full, although I am beginning to realize what the actual purpose of this well thought out game is. I have to invest a considerable amount of time in the game, although it still progresses slowly and requires additional expenses. I have visited some top-ranked players’ bases recently and I have noticed that physically they could not reach the highest scores in such a short period of time. Well, it only means that they have purchased the improvements. A feeling of hopelessness arises when you realize it, although it is not easy to stop playing when you have reached something by yourself.  The company has clearly chosen its priorities and set conditions under which the players who want to advance faster, expand their villages and have most powerful warriors are practically forced to pay for it. Ironically, the United Arab Emirates clan just makes me smile, if you know what I mean.

                I am very demanding for myself and I would really like to complete “Clash of Clans” having the highest scores, although I think that the game is not worth such immense amount of effort and time.

It is definitely not a logic-based game and the player’s motivation and sheer enjoyment are not important factors here. The major factor is money: only those who invest more can call themselves the highest-ranked “Clash of Clans” players in the world. I am definitely not against them, it is just my personal opinion.

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