• Gamatrix


    Gold: Gold can be attained through raid and Mines. It allows players to build and upgrade buildings.

    Elixir: Elixir can be attained through raid and Collectors. Mainly used to train troops and upgrade buildings.

    Dark Elixir: Dark Elixir is a rare resource collected by Dark Elixir Drill which can’t be attained until players get TH7. It’s used to buy and upgrade Heroes, and to train and upgrade the new Dark Elixir Troops.

    Gems: Gems are primarily gained through in app purchase. Small numbers of gems can be obtained by clearing rocks and trees from your village. Completing achievements also awards gems. They can be used to buy Builders & other resources and boost upgrade.

    Tips: Gems are hard to get. Save them for later use.


    Upgrading …

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