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  • Gocubsgo25

    Barbarians vs Archers

    April 25, 2015 by Gocubsgo25

    This here is a fun debate that I recently had with my younger Clashing brothers. I was on the side of barbarians, and my brothers were on the archers' side. Here I will lay out some facts about barbarians that make them the superior troop of the first two available in the barracks.

    Sorry, I need to go. Will continue as soon as possible.

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  • Gocubsgo25

    Troops Truths

    March 7, 2014 by Gocubsgo25

    Here are some stats I have compiled to compare the troops and see which ones are really the best. I have 15 true comparisons of the troops. Each troop is compared with largest level stats. PS- I wanted this to be a page but they restricted it for not having enough content, so until it has more content it will remain a blog post.

    (1 dark elixir will be compared to 20 elixir)

    (Lower is better)

    Troop Name (level) C/DPS=answer

    Barbarian (6) 150/26=5.77

    Archer (6) 300/22=13.64

    Goblin (6) 150/42=3.57

    Giant (6) 3000/43=69.767

    Wall Breaker (6) (Against Walls) 3500/2400=1.56

    Balloon (6) 4500/162=27.78

    Wizard (6) 4000/180=22.22

    Healer (4) (Heal per second per cost) 10000/71=140.85

    Dragon (4) 42000/200=210

    PEKKA (4) 50000/340=147.06

    Minion (6) 220/54=4.07

    Hog Rider…

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