Golly The Golem

aka WhisperingDeath72

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is Managing my YouTube channel and working hard.
  • I am Masculine
  • Golly The Golem

    My Polls

    June 18, 2015 by Golly The Golem

    Hey Guys, here's some polls that I'd like you to vote on, just for fun!!!!!!

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  • Golly The Golem


    June 14, 2015 by Golly The Golem

    Hey Guys, It's me again with another blog post.

    I've kind of been down in the dumps lately, and I don't feel like bringing down this great comunity we have here by bringing along my gloomy mood.

    I am going to somewhat Isolate myself from the comunity until my spirits build back up. I will still be around, probably only speaking with some of my close friends with suddle comments and other things. I'm not going to make this great comunity a sad one with my miserable mood.

    That's all for this blog post. If you have any questions on the blog post, message me Here Good day and PEACE OUT

    Golly The Golem Talk Contribs Clash of Clans 19:44,14-Jun-2015

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  • Golly The Golem

    100 Edits!

    June 7, 2015 by Golly The Golem

    Hi Guys, it's me, Golly the Golem again, I have some sweet news!

    I FINALLY hit 100 edits on this wiki today! I'm super happy and wanted to say thanks to all who guided me through my journey so far, I hope to hit 1000 edits soon, Thanks again to all who've helped me through this Journey, I WISH YOU GREAT JOY

    I've seen some user (not mentioning names at this time) That have been trash talking about certain staff members on here. I dont know at the time if the staff has heard about this...If this continues, I will be Reportingany user who decide to underestimate the staff members power!

    Anyways, that's all for this post folks, have a nice day!

    Feel free to contact me: Golly The Golem [/wiki/Message_Wall:Golly_The_Golem Talk] Contribs Clash of Clans 23:05…

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  • Golly The Golem

    Hey everybody!

    This is my first blog post I just want to say thank you to the community here , it's been nice on this wiki, I've met nice people and helped out a lot, that's all for this post... I hope to wright more.

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