Everybody knows that TH11 is coming out with Eagle Artillery. But I saw the the Clashcon Sneak Peek and I think it's too OP. The Golems were killed so quickly, and the Barbarians were pathetic. And it also targets Air Troops. Meaning almost nothing will survive it.

I know the Grand Warden is coming out to counter it. But then again, it can't make troops invincible forever. And there's a high chance of the enemy also having one.

Wizard Tower Level 9 will do a ton of damage along with the Eagle Artillery. And Clan Castle troops will be even higher levels thanks to the Level 9 Laboratory. So if that doesn't kill you, then the new defensive levels will. I think this update is focusing too much on defense. In the comments below, write some suggestions that would describe a new troop. One that could handle this update.

Gunpowder2830ContribsClash of Clans

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