Ughh. Don't you hate that guy who never attacks in clan wars? Well, all non-attackers, come see,


If you don't attack, then you will lose the war, and many people will be mad at you.

If people are mad at you, then you will lose popularity.

If you lose popularity, then you will get demoted.

If you get demoted, you'll eventually be kicked.

If you are kicked, you will have no clan to supply you wonderful giants and goblins.

If you have no supplies, your attacks will diminish in power.

If your attacks diminish, then you'll have less loot.

If you have less loot, then you cannot upgrade. If you can't upgrade, you'll get demolished.

If you are constantly demolished, no good clan will want you.

If no clan wants you, then you'll live on the dirty "Global Chat" street.

Don't be that guy who lives on global chat.

Get DirectTV err... I mean attack in Clan Wars!

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