Ahh... Admin. The most sought after rank on the universe. In 1982, John McWilly made the "admin" rank, and thereby changed the world. He started an era of goodmins, badmins, and madmins. Today, it is truly one of the most hard-to-get and prestigious ranks in existence. In this guide, for the low price of $19.99, I will teach you: HOW TO BECOME AN ADMIN. please put your PIN down below.



OK, before you do this, please sign these liability release forms. --> X_________________________ X____________________________ X______________________ X____________________________


First off, you need attention. When you first join the wiki, nobody knows you. You need attention! Follow Ignore that Bot's shameless pandering about rules. Whatever it says is of no use to you. It's a clever rouse to catch the least determined would-be admins. Instead, you need to compliment insult the admin, to let him know that you mean business and that you can be an admin, unlike all those rulers and wolves and hounds and 890s and vts and yakuzas and baconi and yo yos and dragons. Also, another good way, and you'll eventually do this, is to edit vandalise the wiki. You'll start recieving attention.

OK, now you have their attention. Now what? You should start editing edits with one letter every minute, and earn achievement points. It will get you onto the leader boards, and if you haven't noticed, almost everyone on there is an admin! Start posting important stuff hacks, and admins will know you are part of the vandalism society illuminati and recruit you.

 Unfortunately, many people will catch be jealous of you. They will report you, and the admin will forcefully ban you. THIS IS A TEST. It's a clever rouse to ban you. In reality, this is the final test!! Start spamming on the admin's wall, because admins love determined and overzealous people. They will promote your other account (every determined vandal person needs one), and you will be the best admin ever!!

This works 100% of the time. This has been tested 0/0 times.

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