There are many many unspoken rules here, so people get confused.

NOTE: Don't follow the... ahm...suggestions.

Rule #1: Don't run in the hallways with chainsaws. It might hurt the walls.

Rule #2: Don't eat rusty nails. They don't taste good. Add some salt first.

Rule #3: Don't spam the elevator button. You have to press the elevator button once to determine where you want to go, press once to tell it where you want it to come from, and THEN spam it to make it go faster.

Rule #4: Eet mure cicken. Cuz it's nice.

Rule 5: Remember tolock your door at night. If you don't, then light might seep in through the lock and kill the small family of dust vampires unexpectedly.

Rule #6: Don't take everything seriously. Someone might try to sell you hot glue.

Rule #7: Use tacky glue on tacks only. The glue does nothing special.

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