This was inspired by Brady1726's and JJ888's troop vs. troop and defense vs. defense.

Barbarian VS. Archer (JJ888)

Balloon VS. Wizard (JJ888)

Mortar VS. Wizard tower (Brady1726)


X-Bows have many advantages and weaknesses.

They are the fastest firers in the game, and cover a great deal of tiles(14 Ground Mode, 11 Air Mode)

This means that they can take out troops in a short time, and do it almost anywhere.

BUT, their biggest con is that they do loser damage. Enogh to take out a lvl. 6 archer in one hit, but doesn't scratch a golem.

Inferno Tower

Inferno Towers also have many advantages.

They do damage at a laser beam rate, and do it at a HUMONGOUS damage too.

They are veery, veery awesome at defending a town hall.

Extreme Con: Unless you play 5 hours a day or are a gemmer, you cannot possibly get enough DE to refill the inferno tower every time it runs out.

So, what is it?



File:100px-Inferno tower3.png


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