aka HYDE

  • I live in Maryland, USA
  • I was born on November 19
  • My occupation is Derping around and helping people
  • I am a powerful leader of the level two dragons.

    Sig Creativity

    May 10, 2015 by HIDYE

    Is it just me or does everyone's sig look the same? Post them down below.

    (four tildes)

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    Welcome to why coc is not the best game. (A satire of reviews in the app store)

    First of all, you have to wait so so long!! I mean, 1 day for a storage? A few hours for bombs? Not on my watch!

    Second, you constantly get raided. I lose 300k on each attack and im only a TH7!! After 17 hours of inactivity, i get raided three times, taking almost 1 million's worth of loot.

    Third, everyone has better luck than me. Everyone gets 1 millions loots raedues and shtuff/. I cen onley find 1,500 loot in CRYSAL!

    I reccomend another game, one with more "funness". I reccomend cookie clicker.

    Cookie clicker is the best game evah cuz you get to constantly grind away while clicking. You get cookies out of CLICKING a giant one?? Who could have guessed??

    And then you…

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    April 15, 2015 by HIDYE

    You know what? I think I can do anything here and no one will notice.

    It's my supper sekret snadboxx!

    I wonder if I...

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    2,000 edits

    March 30, 2015 by HIDYE

    Hooray, I have 2,000 edits!

    I have broke wikia records as well:

    -First person to reach 2,000 edits without a lucky edit!

    -First Person named HIDYE that reached 2000 edits!

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    I have found it. Silver II for TH8 below.

    I'll post some raids soon.

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