• Hammalec


    February 21, 2015 by Hammalec

    So guys, weve all heard of people trolling other clans. People who go around to other clans and ask for co leader, and then kick people out. They destroy peoples clans. Well i just want to say that I am one of the people. But i started thinking about it the other day... What if i could do this on a larger scale? What if i arranged a group of other players to do it with? And then it hit me.. I should start a clan for people like me, who destroy other clans! And so thats what i did! I named the clan, "Clan Crushers". Well, we started getting really popular. My clan turned out to be a big hit. Clan destroyers and trollers started joining one after the other. We got so big, that we had to create an additional feeder clan, called Clan Crushers …

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