So guys, weve all heard of people trolling other clans. People who go around to other clans and ask for co leader, and then kick people out. They destroy peoples clans. Well i just want to say that I am one of the people. But i started thinking about it the other day... What if i could do this on a larger scale? What if i arranged a group of other players to do it with? And then it hit me.. I should start a clan for people like me, who destroy other clans! And so thats what i did! I named the clan, "Clan Crushers". Well, we started getting really popular. My clan turned out to be a big hit. Clan destroyers and trollers started joining one after the other. We got so big, that we had to create an additional feeder clan, called Clan Crushers 2. I know that everyone hates trollers. But i mean, someone has to go around doing it, right? Well, i just want to explain how successful my clan is. I have basically created a network of trolling clans. We are sophisticated. We basically conduct organized crime. I am the leader. I tell my members, one by one, what clan to go destroy, and they go destroy it. Somtimes, i have them do it in groups. Anyways, the same goes for the second clan. The leader of that clan, was one of my most trusted co leaders. I give him orders, and he gives the ordes to his members, who are all still technically my members. Long story short, i am the leader of a small system of organized crime. I have occupied 2 full clans. I have power over 100 of my own people. People that i have found on global, and reached out to, because we all have one thing in common... We destroy clans. I was thinking about all this. I thought, if i can do this with 2 clans, why stop there? I have the ability to create a massive collection of trolling clans, all under the order/rule of me. I think its possible for me to createa huge corporation/organization of these clans, all under my rule. We could all be connected. I give orders to my members, and to the leaders of the other clans, who thengive my orders to THEIR members. I could have up to 5-10 clans under my occpation/control. And we all go out and destroy the clans that i want destroyed. All under my rule. We couldbe an organized crime mafia. Think about it. What is everybodys thoughts on this???

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