I don't know if anyone has brought these notions forward before, but I have a few ideas that relates mostly to clan  banks and troop donation. Stressing the need for equality.

Members can donate resources to the Clan bank, which can be accessed by the Clan Leader and Elders. (I believe there needs to be a new promotion which is lower then an Elder who cannot access the Clan Bank or kick players but can still promote members, such as an Officer? So this wipes out a higher chance of having someone new, promoted and come to your clan and wreck havoc upon your clans resources.) In regards to resource donations to the bank, the amount you donate should be equilavent to the troops you receive from other players. Meaning, the more resources you donate the higher level troops you receive. So basically the Clan Leader and Elders allocate troops based on your resource donation. This prevents members from receiving troops without giving anything to others in return.

We could go further, Clans could have their own barracks. Meaning the resources you donated are funded into the bank, you decide what you want and the Clan barracks creates them and you receive troops in return. This wipes out those instances when you are requesting troops and not receiving any promptly because: 1. No ones online or 2. Your clan members are being stingey, it also removes you forking out you're own hard earned resources to produce troops for others. I don't mind this at all but in some cases people take others for granted and there are 20-25 main donaters give or take a few depending on your clan. The higher the troop level, the larger the amount of resources it will cost. Essentially, I am saying. You donate the resources, create the troops in the Clans Barracks yourself and they appear in your Clan Castle based on what you donated. You could be thinking to yourself, the bank will never have any resources available because members will donate enough for what they need and no extra, but my friends, we can put a tax on each troop. The higher the troop level, the greater the tax. Say a dragon is 1k elixir, the clan charges a 20% tax, making it 1.2k elixir, the clan keeps that 200 and it costs 1k to make. While an archer costs say 200 elixir, the clan charges a 10% tax. 20 elixir donated to the Clan Bank. Simple. Heres an idea, Clan Leaders could possess the power to change the tax on each troop, this could be used as an incentive to join clans with a lower tax, however higher tax rates means more resources for the Clan which can be used on troops and buildings.

The Clan Bank could also be used to help out members struggling with upgrades, depending on your resource donations or troop donations or whatever system you want to use, that decides how many of each resource can be donated to you. If this was implemented Clashers could save up their piggy bank for future use, while till helping out the Clan by donating.

These are a few ideas I've had for awhile now and I hopefully made sense during all of this, my main goal was to try and create a fair way of receiving troops from the Clan but making it interesting and fun at the same time. I may have mixed up a few things but am happy to explain if need be., I know there are plenty of flaws and I'm open to constructive criticism. I believe that Clash of Clans has a great fan base and gameplay thus far and can't wait for the future of the game.

Waffles out.

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