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  • I live in Tennessee
  • My occupation is Karate Instructor
  • I am Male
  • Hiranori 2

    This page is for the original and potential music for the Clash of Clans Sound Track.

    Opening and Village Theme

    Battle Theme

    Castle Reinforcements

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    Clash of Clan players have begun to develop their own lingo for the game.  I believe it is becoming so extensive it would be useful to have a guide.  Please add phrases that others use and not those you make up or are exclusive to your friends.  The list is in alphabetical order.

    • AQ: Archer Queen
    • Barb: Barbarian
    • BK: Barbarian King
    • Clasher: One who plays Clash of Clans
    • CC: Clan Castle
    • DB: Dark Barracks
    • DE: Dark Elixir
    • Don.: Donate/Donation/Donated (Context)
    • Drag: Dragon
    • Gob: Goblin
    • Hog/Rider: Hog Rider
    • Hopper: One who "Hops" from clan to clan; usually a bad label.
    • Hut: Builders Hut
    • Lab: Laboratory
    • Season: a two week period
    • TH: Town Hall
    • UG : Upgrade

    Valk: Valkerie

    • WB: Wall Breaker
    • Wiz: Wizard
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    Revenge Stalking

    April 27, 2013 by Hiranori 2

    I did not coin this term.  I discovered it watching an interview provided by Flammmy with the infamous Jorge Yao.  This is an effective technique for any level player and can allow for what I believe is a chance to use the highest level of offensive strategy Clash of Clans has to offer. -Hiranori_2

    It's simple:  It is utilizing to fullest the benifits of the Battle Log to attack players who have attacked you.  But there is more to this then pressing the "Revenge" button.  This is where the "Stalking" comes in (Mwahahaha!).

    When you search for a player to attack, the attack is random.  The players you find may or may not be easy to attack and you must spend gold for each player you wish to view.  While you are looking at a players base, you c…

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  • Hiranori 2

    No, I am not the ultimate leader, but I lead a successful clan.  This blog is to share tips I have found effective in running my clan "Halo 4 (Red shield, gold bolt).

    I have two simple rules in my clan and while I am very lenient, these rules are final and are enforced by me and my elders:

    1. No bad language (swearing, innuendos, bullying, etc.)
    2. Be active!

    My Elders also have further rules and responsibilities

    1. You may promote a player if you and another Elder agree.  There must be two votes.
    2. If a member is breaking a rule, you may kick them with two Elder votes.  If a member is being rude or disruptive in the moment and will not respond to warnings, you may kick them immediately.

    With only a few rules to follow, my clan  feels free to do what they w…

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