Clash of Clan players have begun to develop their own lingo for the game.  I believe it is becoming so extensive it would be useful to have a guide.  Please add phrases that others use and not those you make up or are exclusive to your friends.  The list is in alphabetical order.

Word and Phrase List

  • AQ: Archer Queen
  • Barb: Barbarian
  • BK: Barbarian King
  • Clasher: One who plays Clash of Clans
  • CC: Clan Castle
  • DB: Dark Barracks
  • DE: Dark Elixir
  • Don.: Donate/Donation/Donated (Context)
  • Drag: Dragon
  • Gob: Goblin
  • Hog/Rider: Hog Rider
  • Hopper: One who "Hops" from clan to clan; usually a bad label.
  • Hut: Builders Hut
  • Lab: Laboratory
  • Season: a two week period
  • TH: Town Hall
  • UG : Upgrade

Valk: Valkerie

  • WB: Wall Breaker
  • Wiz: Wizard

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