I did not coin this term.  I discovered it watching an interview provided by Flammmy with the infamous Jorge Yao.  This is an effective technique for any level player and can allow for what I believe is a chance to use the highest level of offensive strategy Clash of Clans has to offer. -Hiranori_2

Revenge What?

It's simple:  It is utilizing to fullest the benifits of the Battle Log to attack players who have attacked you.  But there is more to this then pressing the "Revenge" button.  This is where the "Stalking" comes in (Mwahahaha!).

Revenge Stalking vs. Normal Attacking

Normal Attacking

When you search for a player to attack, the attack is random.  The players you find may or may not be easy to attack and you must spend gold for each player you wish to view.  While you are looking at a players base, you cannot see what troops are in their Clan Castle, exactly how many resources they have or conveniently click on a defensive structure to view its statistics.  You only get 30 seconds to scan their base before deciding if you should attack or move on to another base. You won't have a chance to come back to a base if you decide 4 searches later they were the most suitable victim. If you do stay, the clock countdown begins and you are stuck with 3 minutes to continue planning and attack (Or end the battle for no penalty).  Experienced players may be quick enough to commence their attack before the 3 minutes start, but even they are stuck with whatever troops they brought to the battlefield.  To put it mildly, these circumstances are less than ideal.

Revenge Stalking (RS)

When you go into your battle log, you may scan through all of the people who have attacked you.  The potential attackies will probably be as varied as a normal battle search.  However, you don't have to pay to view them.  Actually, you can view any of them at any time, whether they are online, have a shield or are off eating ice-cream.  This means you can check for a garrison of troops in their Clan Castle and see exactly what they are and therefore how to deal with them.  You have as much time as you need to see their defenses and fine tune your revenge, training exactly the right troops for the assault.  You can compare other bases to find the most vulnerable, most lucrative or most challenging conquests.  When you do decide to attack, you may have to watch and wait.  If your chosen target is online, has a shield or is being attacked, you cannot attack.  And after you have used a Revenge, the option for that player is gone.

RS Strategy

  1. Search: Look through the list of opponents.  Find the perfect target for the raiding goal you have in mind (see Fire Dragon's Guide to Attacking for more on different kinds of raids).  Remember, you have all the time you need.
  2. Plan: Devise the best plan of attack.  Take your time to get the most out of RS.
  3. Stalk/Wait (If need be):  If you have a troop that is almost upgraded, wait.  If you can't attack, wait.  If the opponents base is easy to attack but lacks loot, wait.
  4. Revenge:

Example RS Attack

No other forum I know has discussed RS and has therefore not discussed strategy to this depth.  Below is a 2 star RS attack of my own.  Click on the pictures to enlarge. 

Here is the base of the fool that attacked me.  You can see that it is a pretty solid base design and I am ever glad I had the time to plan my attack.  My goal was to Farm Resources and hopfully come away with a few trophies.  So here's where I started:

I knew I didn't want to attack the upper side of the base because of the double wall and the two mortars.  I decided on the south side where the resources were closer together (A,B,C,D) and the rest of my strategy began to form.  Here I found 4 compartments:  It would take 2 Wall Breakers to crack each wall so I would need at least 8 (I think I made 10 to be on the safe side).

Next, I took a look at their defenses.  There were 4 being built that I would not have to worry about (blue circles) and 4 in a close group in the bottom center I could almost completely take out with 4 Lightning Spells.  I also found a few buildings I could attack to get closer to victory and eliminate that possibility of my troops getting detracted (Green Arrows).  Finally, I took a look inside their Clan Castle to see if it had a garrison of troops.  It did, so I was not surprised when I attacked and they came out.

I won several resources and at least 1 star meeting all of my goals; a successful Revenge Stalking!